• Teaching/Articles

  • These articles are intended to cover fundamentals as well as advanced ideas for each and every topic. However, most of my applications are for storage and recording scenarios. The contents of the texts here have found many applications in communications, computer vision and parallel computing etc. I urge you to search for other brilliant documents available on web for such succesful applications of algorithms presented here.
  • Research Articles for Error Correction Codes:

  • Article 1 - Introduction to Information Theory and Bounds
  • Article 2 - Algebraic Code Constructions - Linear Codes - 35 Pages, Version 0.1
  • Article 3 - Convolutional and Turbo Codes
  • Article 4 - LDPC codes
  • Article 5 - Incremental Redundancy and Fountain Codes - 51 Pages, Version 0.1
  • Article 6 - On the modes of tape C1-C2 product code decoding (LTO related)

Research Articles for Constrained Codes:

  • Article 1 - Constraint systems
  • Article 2 - RLL and MTR codes

Research Articles for Reliability Theory Basics:

  • Article 1 - Reliability of Erasure-coded system Architectures with Meintenance

Review Articles for Multimedia Communications: