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  • CFP for IEEE IoT Journal (Mass Connectivity and Communication Paradigms for the Internet of Things (IoT)) click here for pdf. (new issue)
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  • IEEE ComSoc Turkey Master's Thesis Award
  • My name is Suayb S. Arslan , recently appointed as a visiting Associate Professor of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at Massachusetts Institue of Technology, Cambridge, MA, USA. I was previously serving at MEF University, Istanbul, Turkey. I would like to welcome everyone to my personal webpage. Here is more about me.

  • The focus of my reseaGeisel Libraryrch at MIT includes signal processing and quantification of information for nerual systems. This involves the application of various techniques from information and coding theory, signal processing, data analytics, machine learning as well as communiation theory. I am affiliated with Brain and Cognitive Sciences and connected with various projects and work groups, focusing on face perception, familarity, distance-resolution relationship in our visual system, brain-computer interfaces, connectivity and information transfer. It is quite exciting to see how information sciences meet neuroscience and how effective might be the techniques in one domain for the other. I may have several open local positions. Please contact me after reviewing our DSNSLAB web page.

  • I am also keenly interested in data storage. Particularly, cloud storage and applications that comprises of computer systems, physical layer communication theory, information and reliability theory, estimation theory, time series analysis, error detection and correction coding, source coding and data compression. My research on storage technologies also include network and distributed systems such as SAN and NAS. Recently, my interest is shifted towards cloud systems, coding for erasures and some computer vision and machine learning applications within the context of Big data analytics. I got my M.S. and Ph.d. degrees from UC San Diego in 2009 and 2012, repsectively, under the supervision of Prof. Laurence Milstein and Prof. Pamela Cosman.

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  • Hit the beach before class. Hike the nearby deserts and mountains. University of California, San Diego Explore Mexico on your doorstep. UC San Diego is located in La Jolla, California, just minutes from miles of beaches and the Pacific Ocean. You’ll have the opportunity to live, play and relax outdoors all year long. And when you explore the city, you’ll discover its world-class theater, art and museums, as well as a thriving local music scene and fun urban neighborhoods.

  • Top recruiters in San Diego area include... QUALCOMM, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, Cymer, Nokia, Sun Microsystems, BAE Systems, and many more.

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